2015-2017 Mustang Fuel Pump Booster Kit

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Boost your intercooler systems performance with the pulse width modulation

Fuel To Boost. The MSD Fuel Pump Voltage Booster is an easy and effective way to maintain the proper fuel pressure on your Mustang after adding the Whipple Supercharger. The Fuel Pump Booster increases the voltage to the factory fuel pump in proportion to manifold boost pressure in order to maintain the proper fuel delivery. Each Mustang based booster comes pre-programmed with a soft on/off transition and only in boost when extra flow is needed.

Plug and Play. Each booster comes with a simple plug and play wire harness for an easy installation. No cutting or splicing wires.

Software Included. Make your boost adjustments through a PC for improved control and accuracy. The amount of increase is adjustable from a range of an additional 12 – 22 volts and up to 30 psi which can all be set and adjusted from your PC with MSD’s easy to use Windows based software.

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