Dale Adams

Fully licensed vehicle inspections

Dale Adams Automotive Specialists is one of Calgary’s premier inspection facilities. We are a fully licensed inspection facility for Out of Province Vehicle inspections, as well as a certified AMA inspection facility performing pre-purchase inspections or complete mechanical vehicle inspection services. Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle, have a vehicle coming off warranty and want an independent inspection to see if any repairs are needed we can help you out. Our inspection appointment times are 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM or 1:00 PM Monday – Friday. Vehicles can also be dropped off and left with us and we will call once the inspection is finished. Inspections generally take about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete.

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Full Inspection
201-point inspection

Most Cars and Light Trucks $164.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
4x4 & Full Size Vans  $184.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
$204.95 + GST – AMA Non-Members

Full Inspection (Vans and 4x4)
201-point inspection

$184.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
$224.95 + GST – AMA Non-Members

Engine Powertrain and Safety Inspection
141-point inspection

Most Cars and Light Trucks $144.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
4x4 & Full Size Vans $144.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
Non AMA members - $40.00 surcharge. Additional charges for optional test procedures or inspection items not on the list.

Engine Powertrain and Safety Inspections (Vans and 4x4)
141-point inspection

$164.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
$204.95 + GST – AMA Non-Members

Insurance Inspection

Insurance Inspection (Most Cars and Light Trucks)
$115.00 + GST – AMA members AMA
$125.00 + GST – AMA non-members

Out Of Province Vehicle Inspections

Cars, SUV’s, Light Trucks
$229.00 + tax 

2500 & 3500 Series HD Trucks
$280.00 + tax 

Vehicles Older Than 25 Years, Specialty Vehicles, Home Builds, Motorhomes
$350.00 + tax 

Additional Charge For Wheel Alignment Print Out (if required)
$90.00 + tax 

Re-inspection Fee of Failed Vehicle Within 10 Days of Original Inspection.
$95.00 + tax

Motorhome Inspections

Full Mechanical Inspection (Most Motorhomes)
$225.95 + GST – AMA members AMA
$245.95 + GST – AMA non-members

Motorhome Insurance Inspection
$169.95 + GST

*Prices are subject to change