What you should look for in finding a good repair shop

This version of the article has been truncated and enhanced by the Dale Adams Automotive staff. 

Before you consider where to take your vehicle for maintenance and repair, you need to understand the difference between the two. Routine maintenance items are those listed in your vehicle's owner's manual as part of the model's service schedule. They are intended to keep your vehicle in top operating condition. Repairs are service that needs to be performed to fix a problem. Where you take your vehicle may depend on what needs to be done.

Scheduled maintenance can be performed at any dealership; you don't have to go to the one where you bought the vehicle. Likewise, you can take your vehicle to an independent auto-repair shop or franchise, which are typically less expensive than dealerships. Because maintenance items are fairly basic, however, any professional auto shop should be able to perform the necessary tasks.

Repairs can range from basic tasks such as a brake job or auto-body repair to complicated service such as overhauling a transmission or diagnosing an electronics-system problem.

If the vehicle is out of warranty, the type of problem may determine where you take it for repair. A reputable independent shop should be able to handle most common repairs.  A good technician will let you know when a problem warrants a trip to the dealership or a speciality shop.

How to find a great car mechanic

Based on annual surveys, we find consumers generally have a higher level of satisfaction with independent shops over car dealerships.

But identifying a mechanic you can trust for your car takes a lot more than letting your fingers do the walking. You have to do a little old-fashioned sleuthing. There's no single clue to what makes a good repair shop, but here are some things you should look for:

  • Ask your family and friends
    Especially seek recommendations from those who have a vehicle similar to yours.
  • Search the Internet
    Look for information about local mechanics on the internet and through business rating websites. Here are some great links about Dale Adams Automotive to save you the time. We have nothing to hide.
    Yelp Reviews
    Better Business Bureau (No complaints filed in over 40 years!!)
    Google Reviews
  • Check for certification
    Your mechanic and shop should be certified and be able to show you their certifications upon request. Dale Adams Automotive would be happy to show you all of our certifications and special training certifications.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau
    Auto repair shops rank 12th on the bureau's list of common complaints. Go to www.bbb.org; the information you find might help you figure out which shops you should avoid. Again, no complaints in over 40 years for Dale Adams.
  • Give the shop a tryout
    Before your car needs a big repair, you might want to try out some local shops with smaller repairs or maintenance items, such as oil and filter changes. We know if you try us at Dale Adams you will return. Let us show you why.
  • Ask about warranties
    What kind of guarantees does the shop give on repair work? Warranties can vary greatly among shops, so ask about them ahead of time. Use a common repair, such as brake work, as your guide.
  • Make sure the shop is convenient
    Even the best shop might not be worth the effort if its hours conflict with your schedule or you have few transportation options after you drop off the car. Dale Adams has an easy to get to location just off of Deerfoot and Barlow South and we offer shuttle rides as our customers need them.

We at Dale Adams encourage you to ask around about us and other garages. There are many great garages in the city. We have proudly served Calgary for over 40 years now and we stand by our impeccable reputation.

Please contact us about your vehicle needs, you won't be disappointed.

2017-2018 F150/RAPTOR 3.5L ECOBOOST STAGE 1

This package was $3500 + gst

Ford Raptor

Whipple, known for its industry leading upgrade systems and technological innovations, has now brought the same technology to the 2017 and up 3.5L V6 F150 and Raptors with the Whipple Stage 1 system.

The stage 1 systems couples the Whipple Mega Cooler, roto molded high velocity cold air intake and industry leading custom calibration to make an amazing 150* foot pounds of torque and 70* horsepower more than stock. Even better, at 3500 rpm, the system produces over 180 foot pounds of torque over stock giving more power under the curve for incredible throttle response.

The Whipple Monster Cooler offers 54% greater volume and 8% more surface area. The bar and plate type intercooler features offset fin on both the cold and hot side, allowing for increased cooling capacity while fitting into the stock packaging, yet significantly outperforming the stock cooler. Test show a 90 degree (F) drop in temperature just on the dyno, yet even bigger gains are shown during real world applications. The colder air allows increased spark advance and more O2 to the engine, resulting in more power while maintaining safety.

The Whipple high velocity air intake system boast the CAD driven, CFD modeled rotor molded plastic air intake that maximizes air speed while reducing inlet restrictions. The air system features the velocity stack, gauze filters with extra wide pleats, giving the air filter the capacity to flow over 132% more air than a stock paper filter.

The Stage 1 system heart and soul is the industry leading calibration. Whipple and its Ford calibration team worked feverishly using advanced tools to develop a calibration that could maximize power while being legal and safe at the same time. After countless dyno and real world testing in multiple environments, the engineers were able to extract massive levels of torque and horsepower yet maintaining factory type safety settings. Each system features the Whipple Tomahawk flash tool that allows easy uploading and downloading of the custom files. The Tomahawk also features read and erase trouble codes, live data and data logging capacity.

The Whipple Stage 1 system is the first and only 50-state legal Ecoboost complete upgrade package available today (2015-2017 CARB approved), allowing for upgrades in all 50-states. No cutting or grinding required.


Exclusive Features



  • 150TRQ/80HP* peak gain over stock using 93 octane.
  • Over 200 foot pounds of torque increase under the curve.
  • Massive Mega Cooler featuring 54% greater volume then stock intercooler.
  • Heavy duty bar-plate designed intercooler.
  • Offset 14FPI on cold airflow side of intercooler.
  • High velocity cold air intake system for unmatched airflow.
  • Bolt-on performance, no modifications required.
  • Advanced PCM calibration using factory tools for un-comparable drive-ability and performance.
  • 91 or higher octane fuel compatible.
  • Powder coated heat shield.
  • Unique induction whine from Whipple intake system.
  • Zero cutting or modifying vehicle.
  • Complete kit.
  • 50-state emissions legal


*Power levels may vary depending on octane and operating conditions.

For More Information please contact Derek Adams
Dale Adams Automotive Specialists
(403) 777-4777


"Like a Boss" simply stated, is the best way to describe this truck. With it's aggressive and tailored looks, the Boss sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. Equipped with a 5.0L V8 Supercharged engine pumping out 700+ horsepower to get your adrenaline pumping, this truck has an attitude all on it's own.

Download the Ford F150 Boss Edition Specifications Sheet

There is no limit to what you can dream when it comes to the automotive world. From doing a full Shelby conversion, adding a super charger to your vehicle or even a restoration project. Whether it’s giving your ride more horse power or a suspension package, wheels tires, whatever it is, we want to know and we want to help make it a reality.

One obstacle that hold more of us back from our automotive dreams is not having the money up front to make it happen. That’s why we have teamed up with RBC to offer a financing solutions for our clients. We have the services of Calvin Yip to bring the financing option to a reality here at Dale Adams Automotive.

The process is simple, just give us a call, send an email or however you want to get in touch with us and we can talk about what your needs are, and start the application process. Fill out the application form you can download below and set up an appointment to get you approved so we can get rolling on the path to make your automotive dreams a reality.

We believe everyone should live their dreams, and seeing you leave here in your dream car with a smile on your face is ours. So stop in, email derekadams@daleadams.com or give us a call and lets get you on the path to living your dreams today.

Download Application Form (1.4MB PDF)

Let’s get your vehicle moving!!

We are very happy to announce that Dale Adams Automotive has become a dealer for Cobb Tuning.

This allows us to bring in another amazing product line that offers high quality, high performance parts to our clients. Cobb Tuning is an industry leader; with years of Research and Development, they have created vehicle specific staged packages designed to transition your ride from bone stock to a powerful, drivable, daily smile-making machine! Programming, exhaust system upgrades, air induction systems, cooling systems, drive train, and fuel system upgrades are only a few products COBB offers.

Upgrading your vehicle can be easier than you think.

Cobb tuning has developed different stage packages for the vehicle platforms they support. Whether you need just a little bit more power or want to the most out of your vehicle, Cobb has the answer. You can do it all at once or we can help to upgrade your vehicle in different phases until it’s exactly how you want it. Starting with the Accessport; it flashes in proper mapping based on the modifications done to your vehicle and then building out the package to fit your needs and budget from there.

We will be more than happy to consult with you to recommend the right upgrades to your vehicle.

We don’t just want to give your vehicle more power, we want you to leave our shop with a smile AND a vehicle that performs better than ever. So give us a call today at 403.777.4777, email us at derekadams@daleadams.com or stop in and chat about how we can make your vehicle perform like no other.

 ****Attention Ford owners**** Dale Adams Automotive Specialists is looking for clients that own a Ford vehicle that is supported by Cobb for demo purposes. We need to get some Cobb product on the road!!!

Please contact Derek for more information as you may qualify for special install pricing! 

Sprintex Superchargers

Dale Adams automotive specialists have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to performance upgrades. Being in the industry for 40 years has allowed us to pick, choose and most of all learn about what products give you our clients the best bang for your buck.

With that being said we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Sprintex Superchargers to become an authorized reseller and installer.

Sprintex $500 Sale

Sprintex SuperchargersThis partnership allows us to offer the option to upgrade your ride with a Sprintex Supercharger! Sprintex Superchargers provide a robust increase in power, improved torque from idle and absolutely
NO LAG. They are fully integrated kits made of high strength polymers, constructed to provide you with greater efficiency and max power.

Sprintex Superchargers product line focuses mainly on the Pentastar V6 Engine ran in many late model Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler products.

Sprintex SuperchargersWe love the performance of the Sprintex Supercharger on the Jeep Wrangler and are going to be building a demo unit with a little project of our own in the upcoming weeks, (Keep your eyes glued to our social media pages).  That’s right, if you were thinking about adding a supercharger to your V6 Pentastar now you will be able to feel the difference before you buy!

If you would like to order or want more information on Sprintex Superchargers please contact us.

*** If you currently own a supported Sprintex Supercharger vehicle platform you may be eligible for a promotional discount, contact Derek for more information.***

Sprintex Website

Sprintex Superchargers



Dale Adams Automotive Specialists has been serving Calgary and area since 1977. That’s right we are entering our 40th year of outstanding service and quality workmanship.  Now don’t worry, none of that has changed. Only our location has. We are now located on the south east side of Calgary. 12181 44 St. S.E. Calgary, AB, to be exact.

Everything that you have come to love about Dale Adams Automotive Specialists is still here. Our helpful staff and skilled technicians; who are always willing to take that extra time to explain exactly what needs to be don and our full range of services; from supercharging and modifying late model vehicles, taking care of your classic car or even a service on your daily driver.

But some things have changed…(besides our location that is). You can stop by, get your winter tires put on, get your oil changed and have the safety inspection completed just like before, but now you can put your feet up and relax in our nice new customer lounge while you wait. Where the hard plastic chairs of days past have been tossed aside for more cozy seating. Sip your hot coffee while you watch the news, or catch up on the sports highlights from the games the night before on our flat screen or even surf the web on Shaw’s Wifi.

If you are worried about getting to work, don’t. We got you covered. Dale Adams Automotive now has a customer shuttle that will drive you where you need to go. Work downtown and usually take the C-train into work, drop off and pick up at the Anderson C-train is quick and easy. Want to go to grab breakfast at one of the many locations near us, we’ll drive you. We understand that life doesn’t stop just because your vehicle has and we aim to make your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Dale Adams Automotive still prides ourselves on customer service. We believe that you deserve the best and now that we are in a new building, in a new location, we feel that we are better suited to making sure your experience is a positive one.

So give us a call: 403 777 4777, follow us on social media, visit our website: www.daleadams.com to book an appointment or stop on by and check out our new bigger and better location. We would love to talk shop with you!

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