Labour Day weekend is considered the mark of the end of the summer, and most families like to squeeze in one last vacation before the kiddos are back in school. Whether you plan to be in the mountains, at the beach or lake, or host a BBQ, you will likely run into some traffic this holiday as more people are out celebrating. It is critical to prioritize your and your loved ones' safety and do what you can to have fun this Labour Day weekend.

Here are some tips that we have to offer to ensure your safety:

  1. Stay alert of your surroundings. Labour Day is among one of the most dangerous holidays to drive in Canada, primarily due to heavy traffic and increased drunk drivers.  
  2. Practice defensive driving. Maintain a safe distance between drivers, especially when driving on the freeway. Another way to practice defensive driving is to wait a couple more seconds when waiting at a stop sign or stoplight before darting through an intersection. 
  3. Plan out your parking situation ahead of time. As mentioned before, there will be more motorists on the road than usual. So parking in crowded public areas, such as a lake or beach, may be challenging to find. You can use mobile parking apps or try to get to your destination extra early to avoid the headache.
  4. Have a ride figured out if you plan to drink alcohol. Be sure you have a D.D. or carpool using rideshare if you anticipate drinking this weekend. We advise that you never drink and drive or let a drunk person guide you. 
  5. Practice warm weather practices. Though Labour Day is in September, the summer heat is still existent. Please stay hydrated at all times and bring extra water wherever you're headed. Furthermore, protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

If you plan to travel with your vehicle this Labour Day weekend, we always urge you to have your car inspected beforehand to ensure your safety. At Dale Adams Automotive, we offer pre-trip inspections to confirm that your vehicle can withstand the drive. Give us a call or visit our shop today!