Port-Injected Big Block Manifold

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Whipple Superchargers continuing strive for excellence and technological advancements have now developed a new port-injected integrated intercooler universal GM based big block intake manifold that is offered intercooled and non-intercooled. Whether you’re running one of our superchargers, a roots based supercharger or you’re building a unique supercharged application, this manifold will work.

Cast from A356-T6, these unique manifolds are offered in both standard deck (9.8") and tall deck (10.2") versions. Featuring a unique 3-piece design, the Whipple port-injection manifold features a low profile bottom that can incorporate 1 injector per cylinder or 2 injectors per cylinder giving you the ability to make whatever power your engine can produce. The upper adapter is made with a wide opening, 671 based bolt pattern meaning it can fit nearly any application. Maybe your looking to upgrade a Whipple 3.3L, 4.0L, 4.5L, Quad Rotor or 8.3L to port injection? For 671-1471 applications, a simple 1/2" plate necks down the opening to the standard 671 opening of 4" wide. Maybe you want to use it with a turbo or centrifugal, just make an adpater to the 671 bolt pattern and you have a low profile intercooled manifold ready to go.

Whipple designed this modular based package with multiple intercooler options. The Stage 1 coated aluminum core that measures 3.25" thick and over 7.85" wide for maximum cooling with its superior surface area works with auto and marine applications. The intercooler features dual 12AN fittings for simple in/out plumbing. The manifold is equipped with extra sensor ports at the front water passage as well as extra boost and temperature ports for easy setup.

For even more power, Whipple offers the new Stage 2 Cupronickel intercooler core that is 5" thick and 7.85" wide for maximum cooling at all boost levels. With the added volume, the core features a total of four water passages. Dual inlets and dual outlets help pass enough water to maintain near ambient temps. Whipple brought the nearly indestructible Cupronickel cores to the marine in 2000 and continue to utilize its incredible cooling properties while never corroding in even the harshest water conditions.


  • Cast from A356-T6 aluminum
  • Available in standard deck (9.8”) or tall deck (10.2”) blocks
  • Available non-intercooled or intercooled
  • Low profile design allows easy fitment
  • Billet fuel rails with dual 8AN threads
  • Oversized coated aluminum core for incredible thermal transfer and marine safe
  • 8 injector or 16 injector setups
  • Extra 3/8” NPT ports for dual temp sensors or senders
  • Extra 1/8” NPT ports for MAP sensors, boost readings and fuel pressure reference lines
  • Short runner design for maximum horsepower
  • Straight up injector angle for optimal fuel distribution
  • Multiple fuel injector options

Manifold Finish

  • Natural
  • Semi-gloss textured black (+$135)
  • Gloss Black (+$135)
  • Blue (+$270)
  • Polished (+$670)

Deck Height

  • Standard deck (9.8")
  • Tall deck (10.2")

Intercooler Core Option

  • Non-Intercooled
  • Intercooled Stage 1 (+$2145)
  • Intercooled Stage 2 (+$5095)

SuperCharger Adapter Plate

  • 671-1471 1/2" Billet Adapter (+$405)

Single or Dual Injector

  • Single Injector per port (8)
  • Dual Injector per port (16)

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