Billet Mono-Blade Ford GT Throttle Body (Mechanical)

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Replace your Ford GT restrictive stock throttle body with our top of the line dual or mono blade and get your supercharger the air it's lacking.  This upgrade works perfectly with the Whipple W210, W245 and W275 supercharger upgrade packages.

Dyno tests on modified GT's have shown well over 25hp at the 700RWHP mark and over 50HP at the 800rwhp mark. Power gains continue to climb as the larger superchargers displacment demand is increased.

Accufab's quality is second to none!  This throttle body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and the exterior is polished to an eye-catching finish. The shafts are also CNC machined from stainless for durability and quality, with brass blades and the highest quality bushings, bearings and screws.  Only the best components are used for unparalleled reliability and performance. Manufactured in the USA.

Technical notes: Idle speed should only be set by adjusting the throttle position sensor.  DO NOT adjust any screws on the throttle body.  These screws are pre-set at Accufab.

Each throttle body includes TPS mounting screws.


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