2011-2014 Mustang 10-Rib Race Belt System

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Whipple Superchargers, the twin-screw supercharger leaders have developed a race proven 10-Rib belt system that will work with both stock engines as well as highly modified engines. Featuring the industry leading ATI balancer (stock diameter or 20% OD), heavy duty Dayco tensioner, lightweight pocketed hard coat anodized aluminum pulleys, adjustable idler pulley and a Gates high RPM race belt, you can go down the 1/4 mile with confidence.

Shipped with all the necessary componets for an easy install, whether in the car or on the engine stand. Don't follow the leader, be the leader with hottest looking, yet most rugged belt system of any PD supercharger system on the 5.0L Coyote platform!

Balancer Option
  • Stock Diameter (6.76")
  • 20% Overdrive (7.86")
  • No Balancer Required  (-$540)

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